Motor U56

The stator diameter of this motor is 70 mm and it is available in different stator stack height (H20 ÷ 35), the power of this motor goes from 60W to 250W. Insulation class I. It can be used in different applications: mixers, graters, lawn mowers, shakers, vending machine blenders, carpet sweepers, grinders, do it yourself electric tools, gardening devices, kneaders, blenders, rotobrush.

- This motor is produced according to EN 60-335-1.
- On request is possible to produce the motor made with materials suitable for UL certifications
- Thermal protection under request
- Insulation class: B-F

Customized executions are possible.


The above data may be subject to change without notice.

Technical Features

Electric Insulation Class 1
Power 60÷250
Stator Ø 56 H 20÷35
Application Grinders | Carpet sweeper | Do it yourself electric tool | Kitchen mixer | Gardening device | Kneader | Blender | Vending machine blender | Rotobrush

Motor feature

The above data may be subject to change without notice.

Custom design

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