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Fise Spa is able to produce cutomized universal brush motors, permanent magnet DC motors and brushless motors.
Starting from the study of the motor until the realization of the first samples, then proceed with the production of the same and the final assembly.
Fise Spa internalized several phases of the realization of motors that are generally carried out externally, we produce most of the shafts internally, we design and make moulds and we print components in zama and plastic suitable for the construction of the motor.
This allows us to be flexible on both production batches and delivery times.

All this allows us to create engines according to customer specifications.

With regard to the realization of brushless motors, Fise is able, thanks to an internal electronic laboratory, to develop the firmware and software of the electronic boards used to drive the motor. The same are done following customer specifications.

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Serie U Motor

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Compressor Motor

ME-BE (planetary geasr motor)

MR-MK-BK (worm gear motor)


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Serie S Motor:

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Airflow /l/sec

Depression /mmH2o

Efficiency %

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