SK.3 pagoda is an AC “wet&dry” or “bypass” tangential discharge motor. This motor being bypass has the cooling separated by the suction circulation and is suitable also for liquid suction. The air is flowed into a single outlet nozzle. The different shape of the cover of the fan of this motor respect the traditional SK3 motor, gives to the motor better suction performances.
This motor is for heavy industrial duty able to grant high performances.
The main technical features are: stainless steel shaft, increased brushes and aluminum end bracket.
AC motor, diameter 144mm, Insulation Class I/II, 3 stages.


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Technical Features

Power 1500÷1700
Stator Ø 96 H45
Ø 144 mm
Application Textile dryer | Wet & dry centralized vacuum cleaner | Wet & dry professional AC vacuum cleaner | Blower

Aspiration features

The above data may be subject to change without notice.

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