Brushless motor, internal rotor, 4-poles, 45mm diameter, available in different stator heights (H8mm to H80mm).
Available for both high voltage supply (100÷230Vac) and low voltage DC (12÷48Vdc).

The B45 brushless motor can be supplied with on-board electronics or motor only.
Built according to European standards EN 60335/1 as a safety reference.

Technical Features

Stator Ø 45 MM, H8-80MM
Max input power ~ 190 W
Supply voltage 100÷230VAC | 12÷48VDC
Speed Minimum speed 500 Rpm | Maximum speed 33.000 Rpm
Application Slicer | Life aid lamp | Medical application | Hair dryer | Centrifuge | Lawn mower robot | Welding torch for tube | Mattress inflator | Wall hair dryer

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  • 100÷230Vac
  • 250W max
  • possibility of 2 or more speeds, rpm to be defined on request
  • internal memory for recording operating hours and alarms
  • current protection system, locked rotor protection and temperature protection
  • constant speed or constant torque control (variable speed according to load).
  • EMC compliant
  • Sensorless electronic control
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